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Innovation & Entrepreneurship excellence

Noventus is a small innovation and entrepreneurship centre of excellence. We deliver a bunch of services that create a ‘New Wind’ for your organisation.

If it walks like a consultant, and it talks like a consultant… it must be a consultant. So, yes we’re consultants. We also do interim management and coaching. We can be anything you want! We can even jump out of a pie, as long as it gets you to innovate!

But beware: It’s not your typical consultancy!

Organisations, start ups, big or small?
Noventus really helps them all!

Are your innovations out of luck?
Is your entrepreneurship totally stuck?
Noventus gets it right on track.
Noventus brings your profit back!


Consultancy & coaching

Koen Vriesacker
Vendoornstraat 88 I B-9120 Melsele - Belgium
mail :
Tel: +32 (0)479 710 651
VAT: BE 0822.333.732

Noventus coaching consultancy & coaching caoch manager Koen vriesacker Interim management


Noventus interim management

Koen Vriesacker
Vendoornstraat 88 I B-9120 Melsele - Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)4
79 710 651
VAT: BE 0822.333.732

Koen Vriesacker Entrepreneurship Managing coaching Interim management


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